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Crystal Fantasy Suncatchers

We are pleased to present Crystal Fantasy's range of beautiful crystal suncatchers. Suncatchers are able to spread an uplifting energy through any room with a window. Simply hang it up inside your window and the rays of light will catch in the coloured crystal, creating a wonderful rainbow effect. No matter how your day is going, one glance over at a finely crafted suncatcher glowing in the sun is a reliable way to give the mood a boost!

Beautiful and meaningful

Each one of the suncatchers in Crystal Fantasy's range is said to symbolise a different theme, whether this is a passion, an interest an animal or a personality. Browse through the collection and you will find, for example, suncatchers for dog lovers, for lovers of nature, as well as those which represent the heart chakra. Not only are these pieces of design specially themed, but they are also immediately visually striking. This visual effect is made all the more impressive when sunlight flows through the coloured crystal shapes.

Handmade crystal suncatchers

All the items here have been handmade in the UK. The attention to detail and high levels of skill in their creation is evident from intricate shapes of figures such as puppies and unicorns, not to mention the perfectly chosen patterns of textured crystal. The layout of the design involves a mirror effect motif which is placed in the middle. Complimentary colours then run on either side of this central design in the form of crystal beads. On the bottom half, you will find a crystal cascade, and right at the base there hangs the main clear crystal pendant.

Perfect gift

These suncatchers would be great gifts for someone special, as well as a breath of life into your own home. No matter how good the vibe is in a living space, things can always benefit from the touch of magic that a suncatcher provides. It is the visual equivalent of windchimes, using what nature provides and giving it a special twist to create a calming and welcoming atmosphere. From angels to toucans to rainbows, swans and beyond, you will be able to select the one that best matches your personality and your passion.

Crystal Fantasy - Large Crystal Suncatcher Toucan Tropical Crystal Fantasy - Large Crystal Suncatcher Toucan Tropical
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Crystal Fantasy - Large Crystal Suncatcher Toucan Tropical Crystal Fantasy range is a collection of stunning crystal suncatchers, each symbolises different passions, interests, animals, and personality. These gorgeous crystals while hung in the window, create a stunning rainbow effect reflection when the sun catches them. All are handmade in the UK. Each suncatcher has a mirror effect motif in the…


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