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Jellycat Woodland Soft Toys

We love these adorable little Jellycat Woodland soft toys. Jellycat are so well-loved because of the effort and creativity which goes into each and every one of their designs. They each ooze with character and lots of specific detail. These Jellycat Woodland soft toys would be favourites with the little ones: they are as comforting as they are fun. Take a look through this Jellycat Woodland range and you will be sure to find soft toys with a stunning design!

Beautifully crafted

What is so great about these inovative soft toys is that Jellycat has created stunning designs from luxurious materials. This means that they can be childhood toys throughout many years of growth, providing a softness that presents no dangers for newborns, whilst their durable nature means that they can still be just as a comforting presence many years down the line.

Full of character

The eye-catching designs of these gorgeous soft toys will be sure to please any young one. Have a browse through the Jellycat Woodland collection and you will see that there are lots of different animals to choose from. There are beautiful badgers, fun frogs and foxes, happy hedgehogs and even a precious little platypus! The level of detail in these wonderfully soft toys is outstanding. Jellyfrog seem to be able to give each one of their designs a real personality and character, whether it is through the facial expressions or the cute outfits.

Ideal gifts

It is not only soft toys that you can pick up in the Jellycat Woodland range. Jellycat has also put together an amazingly fun adventure book based on these cute toys which would be a lovely accompaniment to the toys themselves. This book contains lots of beautiful illustrations of the animals. These are woven into a captivating story which will also teach children important lessons. In combination with one of these stunningly adorable soft toys, this book would be the ideal gift for a newborn or a young child.

Jellycat Soft Toys Didi Hedgehog Jellycat Soft Toys Didi Hedgehog
In stock
Jellycat Soft Toys Didi Hedgehog Lots and lots of people like hedgehogs but not everybody is quite brave enough to touch them, rest assured this friendly hedgehog named Didi all cuddles and no prickles. Looking at this Jellycat the first thing you may notice is the big fluffy mane of soft long pile hair before you will get a chance to notice Didis cute little face or velvet brown body. Treat yours…
Jellycat Soft Toys Hedgehogs Big Adventure Book Jellycat Soft Toys Hedgehogs Big Adventure Book
In stock
Jellycat Soft Toys Hedgehogs Big Adventure Book Emerge yourself and a little one in an adventure, step away from various distractions and sit down to enjoy this Jellycat book. The book itself makes for a great gift upon an arrival of a baby, christening and child’s birthdays. It has a hardcover, and thick pages to make it durable and the wonderful colours inside makes it incredibly fun, for both t…
Jellycat Soft Toys Lollybob Caiman Jellycat Soft Toys Lollybob Caiman
In stock
Jellycat Soft Toys Lollybob Caiman You never know what may be hiding in the swamp, but do not worry there is no need to scream if you see this caiman crawling out towards you, he most likely just wants a cuddle. Equipped in cuteness this green caiman has soft green furry body which Jellycat is well known for, and suede beige under neck with matching 2 frills going across his back. This soft toy ca…
Jellycat Soft Toys Quack-Quack Duckling Jellycat Soft Toys Quack-Quack Duckling
In stock
Jellycat Soft Toys Quack-Quack Duckling Have you heard the news from the Jellycat pond yet? The Quack-Quack Duckling has just hatched and he cannot wait to hae her first dip in the water. This fluffy vanilla coloured cutie still has not mastered how to get out of the egg shell but he has definitely learnt for to give the bestest cuddles, you may even see him shake his bushy white tail in excitemen…
Jellycat Soft Toys Riverside Rambler Rat Jellycat Soft Toys Riverside Rambler Rat
In stock
Jellycat Soft Toys Riverside Rambler Rat The riverside has a brand new tenant in the shape of this beige rat. It did not take him long to become a friend of everybody else, he is ever so friendly! This beige Jellycat rat knows exactly what to wear to impress others; he never leaves his home without his red checker scarf and black and white blazer. You may notice his big stick up ears before seeing…
Jellycat Soft Toys Tuffet Fox Jellycat Soft Toys Tuffet Fox
In stock
Jellycat Soft Toys Tuffet Fox Foxes have always been of peoples interest, but I doubt you have ever seen as cute of a little fox as this one. This Jellycat Tuffet Fox has a super soft to touch scruffy mustardy orange coat and a white contrasting belly, tip of the tail, snout and ears. His Smiley little face spells mischief, so do not be surprised if you see him pouncing in the mud puddles in the w…


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